Guide to running SwordSearcher on Linux operating systems

SwordSearcher 9.1 running on Ubuntu 22.04

I’ve written a Guide to Running SwordSearcher on Linux Operating Systems.

While SwordSearcher is designed for Microsoft Windows, many SwordSearcher users, or potential SwordSearcher users, have asked if there is a version for Linux operating systems.

There is no Linux version of Windows, and you can view the system requirements here. What I recommend is using a virtual machine like VirtualBox to run Windows applications on Linux, but that is not always an option for people and does require one to purchase a Windows license.

However, it is technically possible to run SwordSearcher on a Linux system without a virtual machine, using a tool called Wine, which stands for “Wine is not an emulator.” Wine is a way to run some Windows applications on operating systems like Ubuntu.

Getting SwordSearcher to work with Wine is a matter of patience and persistence. While I cannot provide a guarantee of support for using SwordSearcher this way, I have written a guide to setting it up.

Please see this forum post for the full guide, and be sure to read all the way to the end for some caveats.

Guide to Running SwordSearcher on Linux Operating Systems