SwordSearcher 9.0 Hotfix 1 update available

SwordSearcher 9.0 has a free small update (version, which has the following fixes since 9.0 was released:

  • Fixed: if a bookmark was set from the main Bookmarks menu (invoking dialog), the bookmark menu item caption wouldn’t update until the next time SwordSearcher was started.
  • Light mode menu text color fix on Windows 11.
  • Fixed some UI painting issues.
  • Fixed mouse wheel not scrolling tree view in Images Viewer.
  • Fixed clone panel content links sometimes not resolving to the correct module.
  • Fixed search result panel captions changing to long format when layout was reset or changed.
  • Fixed: in the editor, a manually created href link could cause the program to freeze when switching to the code editor if it was missing a closing quotation mark.

What’s a “hotfix?”

A hotfix is a minor update to fix bugs that were discovered after the official release. It just fixes some issues; it doesn’t add any new features. It is strongly recommended that you install the hotfix to keep your SwordSearcher experience as good as it can be.

How can I get it?

Just open SwordSearcher and go to the Help menu, and choose Check for Updates. This will show you any updates available to you and give you a download link, if applicable.

Check for Updates in SwordSearcher

That’s the preferred way to check for updates. You can also directly download the hotfix here:

Download: SwordSearcher- (15.4 MB) (Note, this hotfix has been superseded by hotfix 2.)

If you’re using a version of SwordSearcher prior to 9.0, be sure to read about what’s new in 9.0 and get your upgrade here.