Do you use Webroot and have trouble with copy and paste?

Occasionally I will get a support question from a customer who is unable to use the Windows clipboard with SwordSearcher or is unable to copy-and-paste their download information from their purchase email.

After many hours spent, both by me and by my customers, the “root” of the problem has been discovered: Webroot Identity Shield.  Apparently, one of their methods of securing a system is to disable the Windows clipboard for “unknown” applications. This questionable measure would not be such a problem except that absolutely no indication whatsoever is given that Webroot has disabled basic Windows functionality on your behalf, so you are left wondering why nothing happens when you press CTRL+V. Indeed, many customers of Webroot have literally spent hours and hours trying to figure this out.

The authorization code that you are sent when you purchase the download delivery of SwordSearcher is best copied, not typed.  If you are using Webroot and you are unable to get the paste feature to work in the setup downloader, you may need to temporarily disable Webroot Identity Shield.

And once SwordSearcher is installed, you will also need to add SwordSearcher as a known/allowed application in order to prevent Webroot from interfering with the Windows clipboard functions of the software.

I am sorry for this inconvenience, but I have absolutely no control over this.

Know that you are not alone. Other Webroot users have wasted countless hours trying to diagnose this problem, as this poor guy did. As you can see here, this is a fairly common issue among Webroot users, and is not limited to SwordSearcher.

This post on the Webroot forum might be helpful in changing your Webroot settings so that it stops breaking the clipboard.

So far, only users of Webroot seem to have to deal with this problem. I have not yet seen other anti-virus programs interfere with basic Windows clipboard functionality.