Word Clouds for the Bible: tutorial video

I’ve posted a new video tutorial on using the Bible Word Cloud Generator in SwordSearcher. This is a tool that was added in version 7.

I call this a “scripture discovery” tool because it gives you a way to visually explore relationships between Bible words and verses that is unique and fun. It creates¬†fascinating lists of words from a passage or search results that give a visual image of the¬†relative emphasis on words in any given group of verses.

In previous posts I have talked about the importance of using cross-referencing during Bible study, and in particular how you can do your own cross-referencing in SwordSearcher. The Bible Word Cloud Generator is another tool you have to find cross-references in your own personal study, without the need to introduce commentaries or other books into the process.

Since the word cloud images can be saved and copied into word processor documents or PowerPoint presentations, they can also serve as good teaching aids.

At about 4:20 in the video I demonstrate how a word cloud can be used after a Bible search to give you words that are frequently associated with your search terms elsewhere in Scripture.