IdeaSoft Complete Bible Suite

Every once in a while I receive a question from a customer or someone interested in SwordSearcher about the product called Complete Bible Suite. This is understandable; after all, this program bears the SwordSearcher trademark.

Here’s everything you would want to know about it.

What was the “Ideasoft Complete Bible Suite?”

In 2003, Nova Development licensed a minimal (reduced feature) edition of SwordSearcher to be published under its own IdeaSoft brand and sold on discount CD-ROM racks in retail stores. They called this product the “Complete Bible Suite” and included the SwordSearcher trademark on the packaging. Ideasoft was later acquired by a different company which sold the remaining old stock of CD-ROMs.

What is different about the current SwordSearcher product and the Complete Bible Suite?

Even when it was first published, the Complete Bible Suite included only a limited selection of the SwordSearcher study library. Additionally, SwordSearcher has been continually developed since 2003. So, the difference is about 100 library items and many years of software development. Finally, the 2003 version of the software may not be compatible with modern versions of Windows (this often depends on your specific configuration).

I have the CBS. Can I download a free update to get the current version of SwordSearcher?

Sorry, no. Please understand that the Ideasoft product was a limited, low-budget item. It can’t be upgraded to the current version of SwordSearcher. Also, due to the bargain-bin retail distribution model of the Ideasoft product, the designer of SwordSearcher (me) received, at most, less than one dollar for the product you have, so there is no discount to apply to a purchase of the current version.

Please consider purchasing the current SwordSearcher product. It has been significantly improved, is easier to use, is compatible with modern versions of Windows, and offers much more than the Ideasoft version from over a decade ago. Please see the videos for some examples.